On customer demand products

For events site support vehicles

Sound insulated truck mounted generators

We fit on 4x2 and 6x4 trucks or on semi-trailers, high power diesel generators up to 2x450 kVa. To be positioned on events sites, they are easy and fast to be connected and with high level of noise insulation (62 dBA at 1 m).

Side expandable vehicles

From trucks or trailers at road standard width, we design and construct spécial bodies with lateral one or both side extensions to provide wider usable area in working configuration.

"Paris Dakar" racing and support vehicles

2MB designs and constructs truck bodies and chassis special interfaces, for spares storage and as repair workshop, fitted on 4x4 or 6x6 all terrain trucks. They are all weather and environment proof and used for the race itself or as assistance vehicles.

Logistic mobile vehicles

Logistic mobile vehicles

For your specific needs (waste water treatment, laundry, kitchen…) 2MB from your chosen trailer or body truck fits on specific equipments and furniture for your employees, autonomous intervention on customer sites.

Oil prospection vehicles

Oil prospection vehicles

To be positioned on oil well head, 2MB constructs and fits on 6x4 truck chassis, the cable and winch set, the hydraulic powered generator and the air conditioned operators laboratory cabin.

Oil prospection shelters

2MB constructs at 8' road size width, customized shelters, for easy loading and transport using conventional road and sea transport vectors.


MB250 / MB500

This mobile bakery, trailer mounted for all track mobility, makes possible on site bread production . Its allows daily need bread production for 250 to 500 people.


Fitted on a 24 T road type semi-trailer, this mobile unit allows on site daily bread production for 1000 people.


This bakery is designed to be handled on 4x4 all terrain high mobility trucks, with bolted chassis interface. The truck body houses the equipments and allows, thanks to its lateral extensions, the needed area for the baker team to produce 1000 daily rations of bread.


The 10000 HJ bakery is sized to produce on site daily bread needs for populations from 10000 up to 15000 people (large size humanitarian interventions, army corps positioning in adverse environment).

Metal sheet preparation

Components for military vehicles

From customer design or specifications, 2MB industrializes and makes inside its cutting/bending and welding workshops, the needed components for chassis and truck bodies, included to be fitted on tactical army vehicles.

Wardrobes and storage furniture's

2MB designs and constructs specific wardrobes, chests, lockers to customized needs (explosion proof boxes, command and control wardrobes, water and air proof lockers…)