Railway and aircraft land support equipment

Aircraft support

MB20 towing tractor

The MB20 is able to pull or tow all middle range civilian and military aircrafts and helicopters up to 25 ton weight.

MB30 tractor

The MB30 has been specially designed and constructed for military aircraft ship carriers, it is able to tow all civilian or military aircrafts up to 35 tons.

Motorized passenger boarding stairs

The MBS 15-28 is a motorized aircraft passenger boarding stairs vehicle, that allows on board access to every kind of aircrafts, with door access height to the ground from 2,35 m up to 5,75 m.

Towed version of passenger boarding stairs

The MBS 11-19 towed boarding stairs is for passenger access on board aircrafts with door access height from ground from 1,90 m up to 4,10 m.

Railway support equipment

Access ramps

We construct manual or motorized access ramps for easy loading or unloading vehicles from railway wagons.

Passenger lift shelters

We built glass and steel constructed cabins, protecting the passenger lifts that are positioned on all French railway stations giving easy access for reduced mobility people.