Lean management / Lean manufacturing

2MB International has the target to stick on the modern methods of management and continuous progress and improving. Therefore we are involved in an AUTEO LEAN training program with different other regional companies, program operated in partnership with LEAN FRANCE institute with participation of graduated experts in Lean management and Lean manufacturing.

Products certification

DNV 2.7-1 : 2MB International is today one of the only French manufacturing company DNV 2.7.1. certified for offshore containers construction. DNV is an independent inspection agency, for marine and offshore welded constructions).

Operators certification

2MB International has trained with APAVE inspection agency help, the needed highly skilled operators to operate non destructive controls on welded joints:

  • 3 operators for dye penetration testing (ASNT-TC-1A-NIV 2)
  • 1 operator for magnetic particle testing (COFREND NIV2)

Welding procedures qualification

2MB International, from legal rules and customer specified needs, writes and improves its welding procedures (on steel, stainless steel and aluminium). All welding operators capabilities are also Apave certified.

ATEX (explosive atmosphere) KNOWLEDGE :

Recently, 2MB International has been graduated for specific knowledge in order to fit “ ATEXExplosive atmosphere ” components and systems, this to allow fitting and wiring components able of hazardous environments with respect to EC applicable and legal security rules.